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Viewers Slot Battle Entrants!!

Fruity Scotty

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Massive congratulations to the following Participants for the 6th Fruity Slots Viewers Slot Battle

@Wacks64 @Hockmagandy @AliiiiiR @Jamboladd @Jordanw236 @Samsey.uk @Dazziefish @Amorysherwood @Dave mc @dpmurray @Jamie Mac @Scottbj1994 @Shabba @Lucydiana20 @puddle412 @LorryK @Scastel12683 @AisDRFC @ClaireW @Jayce0606 @Skinupladdy @liahra333 @Clayton @Madwick @Keyworker2020 @Warrior82 @jfk999 @Rohardinho @Gazblackpool @Kristianfitz @Danny.Stan.1991 and last but not least us at Fruity Slots.

Good Luck Everyone!!

Viewers Main Bracket Image Edited Main.jpg

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Cheers Scotty boy - I am in !! JFK999.... Long time lurker and Fruity fan. I have been watching from way back when Jamie used to wear his stars and stripes t shirt if anyone remembers that 😄.  I won't be able to chat on the night as I work night shifts but I will be watching on the sly.. ❤️

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