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The 6th Fruity Viewers Slots Championships!

Fruity Scotty

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Welcome to the 6th instalment of the viewers Fruity Slots Battle Championship!

If you haven't yet seen our previous viewers slot battles, this free competition is a slot’s knockout tournament for our viewers.

In this competition, you have the chance to win up to £1000 for free, that’s right, FREE! Plus, many other prizes.

There will be 32 entries, so 5 rounds leading to a winner.

**Please note, we are going to be entering as team fruity for a bit of fun ourselves and will be doing a bounty on our heads for knocking us out! So that leaves 31 random entrants chosen from this thread!

ENTER BY Midnight Sunday 29th November!!

The rules are very simple, anyone who would like to enter, reply to this thread by simply commenting Entered and your favourite slot at the moment! 

👉 “Entered - Jammin Jars”

*Important Notice*

Unlike the other Euro Slots Championships, this time around, we will be using a random wheel generator to pick your slot for each round. This means it is completely random and entrants will have the same chance as other entrants, and we wont see the same game being picked over again. There will be 75 games added to the random wheel chosen by fruity slots with a mix of volatility to add to the excitement. 

In order to make it fair for everyone we will simply use random.org to pick the 31 entrants once this thread has closed and the join date has passed.

You must get your entry in by Midnight Sunday 29th November!!

We will use a 32-team single elimination bracket and place the entrants in order they are drawn out.

The winner of the final will win 100% of the full amount returned from the bonus of the game the wheel picked to Play the final, capped at £1000.

Additional Prizes

  1. Any bonus over 100x the entrant gets £25 Amazon Voucher
  2. Any bonus over 250x the entrants gets a £100 Amazon Voucher
  3. Highest X bonus of the championships get £100 Amazon Voucher
  4. Lowest X bonus of the championships get £100 Amazon Voucher 


How do you progress?

Its simple. In order to progress to the next round, the streamer, either Josh, Scotty or Jamie will play 100 spins each on the slot that has been picked from the random wheel selector.  Whichever viewers game manages to bonus 1st out of the 100 spins will then win and progress to the next round. For example, if Bonanza bonus's in 45 spins and Danger bonus's in 44 spins, the player who chose Danger will progress.

If neither slot bonuses within 100 spins we will go on a profit + loss from the game, so whoever wins the most from their 100 spins, or lost the least from their 100 spins will progress.

In the unlikely event of a tie we will play an additional 10 spins to get the final profit or loss on the game.

We will play the final on a £5 stake, so the winner gets the bonus from that game at that stake. The other game stakes will vary but obviously be the same as each other for each battle.

Terms and conditions

  • Must enter by Sunday 29th November
  • 1 entry per viewer.
  • UK entrants only valid for cash payment. If an entrant outside the UK wins we will contact them to arrange a prize or cash payment if possible.
  • UK only. (if a player wins who is not from the UK enters, we will contact them separately to arrange a prize)
  • We reserve the right to amend the promotion at any time.
  • Good luck to all who enter and chose your slots wisely!!
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