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The 4th Fruity Viewers Euro Slots Championships!

Message added by Fruity Scotty

The numbers drawn out live on stream and the winning entrants are as follows

20 @MrsDeathdoor

30 @Senses2019

51  @Eddieflynn

67 @ChrisHolland

79 @NecessaryEvil

119 @Wannaman

120 @Chadd harris-green

125 @Garry

136 @Leeshughes

162 @Scarlettopig

179 @David95

294 @carlaiadabomb

303 @Addyn

315 @Stupoo01

336 @Martyn N

338 @CKG

363 @Tipel Petrut

418 @mfscot

426 @Michael91

443 @1chipcharlie

444 @Big dirt

462 @caymanjoe

471 @JAMO

478 @Shaun1996

481 @Rob666

598 @Warly83

630 @Jackpot joe

638 @Shaun Orr

652 @Wingnut180

673 @Jamie cooke

Entry number 31 goes to @Radstockben for winning the last euros, and entry number 32 goes to us, the Fruity Slots lads!

Can you be the one to knock us out? Good Luck Everyone!

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Welcome to the 4th instalment of the viewers Fruity Euro Slots Championship!

With this summer’s Euros postponed we thought we would step in and set up a slot’s tournament for our viewers.

In this competition, 2 people have the chance to win up to £1000 for free, that’s right, FREE! Plus, many other prizes.

There will be 32 entries, so 5 rounds leading to a winner.

**Please note, we are going to be entering this time as team fruity for a bit of fun ourselves and will be doing a bounty on our heads for knocking us out! 1 Entry also goes to @Radstockben as the reigning champion so there will be 30 random entrants choosen from this thread!

ENTER BY 10 pm Wednesday 12th August!!

The rules are very simple, anyone who would like to enter, reply to this thread by simply commenting Entered and your favourite slot at the moment! 

👉 “Entered - Jammin Jars”

*Important Notice*

Unlike the other Euro Slots Championships, this time around, we will be using a random wheel generator to pick your slot for each round. This means it is completely random and entrants will have the same chance as other entrants, and we wont see the same game being picked over again. There will be 75 games added to the random wheel chosen by fruityslots with a mix of volatility to add to the excitement. 

In order to make it fair for everyone we will simply use random.org to pick the 30 entrants once this thread has closed and the join date has passed.

You must get your entry in by wednesday 12th August 10 pm!!

We will use a 32-team single elimination bracket and place the entrants in order they are drawn out.

The winner of the final will win 100% of the full amount returned from the bonus of the game they picked to win the final, capped at £1000.

Additional Prizes

  1. Any bonus over 100x the entrant gets £25 Amazon Voucher
  2. Any bonus over 250x the entrants gets a £100 Amazon Voucher
  3. Highest X bonus of the championships get £100 Amazon Voucher
  4. Lowest X bonus of the championships get £100 Amazon Voucher 


Once we have announced all entrants, we will open a new thread and allow all unsuccessful entrants to VOTE/PICK who they think will win. You must Include in your vote for a winner what amount you think their final bonus will be! Example

- Joe Smith £350

Whoever then correctly picks the winner along with the closest to the bonus in a situation where multiple people have picked the same winner will also win 100% of the final bonus paid in the competition.

Therefor 2 people will win 100% of the final bonus (capped at £1000).

  1. The person who wins the final
  2. The person who has selected the winner and guessed closest to the final bonus amount once we have drawn the 32 entrants.


How do you progress?

Its simple. In order to progress to the next round, the streamer, either Josh, Scotty or Jamie will play 100 spins each on the slot that has been picked from the randome wheel selector.  Whichever viewers game manages to bonus 1st out of the 100 spins will then win and progress to the next round. For example, if Bonanza bonus's in 45 spins and Danger bonus's in 44 spins, the player who chose Danger will progress.

If neither slot bonuses within 100 spins we will go on a profit + loss from the game, so whoever wins the most from their 100 spins, or lost the least from their 100 spins will progress.

In the unlikely event of a tie we will play an additional 10 spins to get the final profit or loss on the game.

We will play the final on a £5 stake, so the winner gets the bonus from that game at that stake. The other game stakes will vary but obviously be the same as each other for each battle.

Terms and conditions

  • Must enter by 12th August
  • 1 entry per viewer.
  • UK entrants only valid for cash payment. If an entrant outside the UK wins we will contact them to arrange a prize or cash payment if possible.
  • UK only. (if a player wins who is not from the UK enters, we will contact them separately to arrange a prize)
  • We reserve the right to amend the promotion at any time.
  • Good luck to all who enter and chose your slots wisely!!
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Welcome to the 4th instalment of the viewers Fruity Euro Slots Championship! With this summer’s Euros postponed we thought we would step in and set up a slot’s tournament for our viewers. In

Entered - thai flower (like I really need to say 😂) 

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