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Slot Battle - Viewers Choice


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word of advice about the slot battles lads. Can you either play the slots in the order they are shown or stop talking about how you did in the slots. It's not very entertaining to listen to you talk about bonuses you've already played but we haven't seen yet-kind of kills the drama. Oh and stop moaning about how badly you're doing too-you have no idea how the others are doing and they could be doing even worse-let's have a bit more positivity. In the latest battle for example, Josh spent the whole time whining about it being the worst battle ever and what a disaster it was and he ended up being second-only 3 points behind Scotty!!

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On 5/26/2020 at 10:39 AM, FruitySlots said:

We wanted to give the viewers a chance to pick the slots for our battles!

Simply pick 1 slot and we will pick 10 people at random from the thread.

If we win over 250x on the game you choose we will give you a £25 amazon gift voucher! Money for nothing!

Get picking!

Hand of midas please

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