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im an idiot lolol

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the other day i deposited 150.00 and started out as always on the slots

eventually i got  y balance to about 800 when i got bored and resorted to the roulette wheel.

placing 100 then 200 then 500 dollar bets until my balance hit 5.2k

i withdrew 4k


so... so far so good right.


went to garga that gave me 6 x 300x wins


balance at 9.5k


cancelled withdraw and then withdrew 7k and sent documents to verify account.


played other slots then lost the remaning balance


and cancelled withdraw and lost entire 7k in 2 bets.


no need for hate im still kicking the shhh outta myself for it.. loolol

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Unfortunately you are not going to be the only one who has been suckered into roulette and cost your winnings! Its horrid when it happens but it happens to so many people. hard to give any real advice on this because i wouldnt be preaching what i practise. Often ghilty of blowing balances on table games...

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