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What Different Types Of Youtube Videos Would You Like Us To Do?


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Apart from the regular bonus compilations and bonus hunts what different types of gambling/slots videos would you like to see.


Different challenges, slots battles, wild line hunts. League tables for slots/providers etc?


Let us know and we will pick the best ideas and get recording! :)



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The different type of slot battles I would like see are:


Biggest X win Battle


Biggest Bonus win Battle


Biggest Base game win Battle


Biggest Single Winspin Battle


Provider Battle


Casino Battle


Tag Team Slot Battle


Triple Threat Slot Battle


Tournament Slot Battle - also a seeding system just like in sports.


Gauntlet Slot Battle - One slot vs One slot winner takes on the next slot until there is one winner.


League table for slots. Either within each provider or league full of mixed providers.


Hope that's enough ideas for you...ha ha.

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You both agree on a slot that has different bonus levels ie kong, goonies.


You both have to do every stage of the bonuses once, you each get £500 to do it who ever wins come up with a forfeit for the other to do on steam. The winner will be the one with the most money at the end of the challenge

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Ok this is a crazy idea, could be expensive, or could win you a fortune.


The Fruity Slots Xmas Advent Calendar!


So every day in december running up to christmas, you upload 1 video of you doing 10 spins on a slot. The only catch is, your stake goes up a pound every day, so 1st Dec - 10 £1 spins, 2nd Dec - 10 £2 spins, all the way up to 24th Dec 10 £24 spins. not sure if you can find slots that let you play exactly those stakes but would be great fun to follow.


Stay Fruity



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My suggestions are as follows:

Gambler's Triple Threat or Triathlon. Blackjack, slots, roulette. Players get a set amount of money. They can bet any denomination they want. However, they must play a minimum of a certain amount of spins, hands and rolls to test their skills in all games. A time limit should probably be set (and this may make it hard for video content). Plus side, this will limit losses on trying to land bonuses for everyone.


or, if you can get like 8-16 people, perhaps a bracket format. 1 group battles black jack, one group slots, one group roulette, etc. etc. Then they have to progress through until a champion is determined? Like an NCAA bracket style.


Love your stream!

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New vs Old slot 

You get old versions of slots going against there newer model to see which is the better of two (some obviously are) 

There are a few games that you could get a video out of it and it's something different and games that could work 

Kong mega vs Kong, genie vs genie mega, monty vs monty mega, danger vs lil devil, horse racing vs teabag, legacy dead vs merlin, book of dead vs book of Rá, razor shark vs tiki, dead or alive vs dead or alive 2, moon Princess vs rise of olympus

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Evening fruity, 

 A thought for one of your up coming slot battles, 10 games all with picking bonuses but you have to select the picks

Secret of the Stones max all pick 5, 9 and 10 add a fourth 1 just in case you get the extra scatter 

golden fish tank 

peacock manor 

im sure there are 7 more always asking for numbers in chat


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On 2/20/2020 at 5:27 PM, Jjtigzshaz said:

Maybe now you got a new office you could do like a podcast type thing once a week talking about new games an what u think of them an what new games are coming out things like that

Maybe get Alex Jones on the podcast talk about the casino conspiracies and maybe Eddie bravo to

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Videos of lil devil on all stakes or games that offer enhanced bonuses the more you grind them. Also try more table games or £100 to £1000 challenges between you guys as a viewer for over a year the channels went a bit stale as it’s the same every stream and same slots played. Sorry for being brutally honest and I know the euros is starting soon

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