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About your bonus on Flowers - I HOPE I've got the right streamer!!

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OK, first of all I'm godawful with names and faces and keeping them linked because I'm autistic so sorry if I've got the wrong guy.


Was watching the YouTube replay of the bonus hunt for Sunday and you - if it was you and not the other guy - got a bonus on Flowers and didn't understand why. I happened to be watching that bit and it did what I think ALL slots should do - it counted a wild as a bonus. Strangely it counted the FIRST wild, think it was on Reel 3, as a bonus, not the one on the end reel, maybe they have to be on consecutive reels, I don't know Flowers much as a game. But two bonus symbols AND the wild flashed just before the freespins started.


I mean a wild's a wild. You can't have a NEARLY wild, it's like being ALMOST pregnant!! Wish all slots would do that, though I don't understand why it didn't count the end reel wild.


Love to have a one-word response to know you read this. Or not, if you're too busy.



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