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AyeZee streamer admits he gets a weekly wage

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Just watched a small highlights video of AyeZee where he admits he gets a weekly wage to play slots.


I have known this for a while as I know people who work in gambling in Malta, they know he does not have huge amounts of money and lives in an average apartment etc. 

They also know the company he works for and the company he used to work for.


His bet sizes changed just over a year ago when he changed to a different company who allowed him higher no withdrawable funds to play with.


At least now he has finally admitted it on stream.


What do people think about streamers with on withdrawable gambling money.


There was the guy from Casino grounds who told everyone that is what he was doing during his stream and he was then dropped from Casino Grounds. 


Im just glad I get a good honest and fun stream from the Fruity lads.




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