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40,000 Youtube Subs! Massive Thanks!


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Congratulations to the Fruity legends on 40k subs best streamers on the net my favourite moment would be all the lads streaming together in Ireland or Jamie falling off his chair one of the two.

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Adding new vocabulary to fruity dictionary... "Dot Cotton"

Lend us a fiver grandad, i'm gonna nip to the minute mart and buy dot cotton a pack of 10. 

(urban dictionary)

But not to be confused by 

"Dotting Cotton"

When you have to take a shit so bad that the terd is touching your underwear
I had to take a shit so bad that, before I got to the toilet I was dotting cotton.
(Urban dictionary)
Congratulations on 40k
Fruity Lads, best is yet to come! 😊
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a lot of best bits to choose from but i nearly pissed myself when josh had to count the spins on immortal romance as there was no autos and everyone in chat putting him off...congrads on the 40k guys

euan c in chat

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