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Xmas slots warning (Big Bass)


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Noticed that a Xmas Big Bass Bonanza has been released, and the only thing that's different (apart from the Xmas symbols) is  the RTP.


Big bass RTP is 96.71

Xmas Big Bass is 95.67

Not exactly in the spirit of Xmas is it.


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Christmas Big Bass Bonanza has the following RTP variants - 96.71%, 95.67%, 94.62% 

These change depending on market and casino, so you'll probably find a preferable variant elsewhere

Regular Big Bass Bonanza also has a 95.67% variant. I'd hazard a guess that both are the exact same math model with a different skin. 

Regardless, RTP is measured over billions of spins, so it's quite negligible to regular players short term, almost completely irrelevant in fact. 

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