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It's official - the WORST game ever made.


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Drumroll please...but Thunderkick has made a REAL stinker!
Played Baron Bloodmore and the Crimson Castle. 25,000x potential.

Took just under 700 spins to bonus. Returned 4.5x.
I got tilted and decided I'm all in.
Went another 500 spins for the second bonus. Returned 13x.
Quick bonus, 270'ish spins in - I thought 3rd times the charm. Returned 19x.

What an absolute doodoo game!!

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3 hours ago, Xerxes34 said:

Read this then thought ill have a go, got bonus after 400 spins pid 25x but the coin bonus isnt bad that came in a few times, got 90x 95x and a 61x, prefer coins to come in rather then the bonus pays better.

I had the coin bonus once for a 9x - haha! It teases like a MF'er - but I can't see the potential? 

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