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What the actual #@*#


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Have had this running argument with my brother who is convinced that some providers turn off features at any given time.

Told him they were not allowed to, as it's all regulated etc etc.

Tonight he calls me to say he is convinced that the feature has been turned off on Floating Dragons, so I jump on it to prove him wrong (load it up on Corals and Ladbrokes) 

200 spins each at 50p - no bonus.

200 spins each at 40p - no bonus (couple of coin featured, but no free spins)

200 spins each at 30p - 1 coin feature, no free spins.

400 spins each at 20p - again more.coin featured but no free spins.

1000 spins each at 10p - lots of coin features, no free spins.

4000 spins in total, no free spins and a big fat fried egg on my face.





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That's what I thought Scotty, but can't explain how a game that usually bonuses for fun goes like this when people are telling me it would?

Played it again yesterday without hitting bonus - as did a few others - can't be a coincidence surely?

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Update - brother and his mates have had a "first to bonus compo" on zoom.

After 12,823 spins collectively, one of them has bonused on a 30p spin.

They have recorded their session and have asked Pragmatic to looking into.

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On 5/17/2021 at 5:27 PM, Fruity Scotty said:

absolute guarantee i will bonus it within 200 spins haha.


Fair play for giving it a go Scotty.

That's how it was playing for us.

Not losing much as the coin feature keeps paying like it did for you. 


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1 hour ago, Fruity Scotty said:

i refuse to give up, the battle isn't over hahaha


Haha - just like the slot battles.


It was my thinking too as didn't want the bro to be right 🤣

1000's of spins later I conceded ☹️

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