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Slot Battle Idea!!!


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I was scrolling thru some casinos and realized there’s lots of games made from movies. That would be a fun battle to watch. 
 Ted. Expendables. Sausage party. Bridesmaids. Invisible man. Creature from the black lagoon. Tons of others too.


Keep up the great work!!! Catch y’all next stream. 

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Just now, Lisa leighton said:

You could ask the viewer for a list 10 slots they would like to feature in a battle, it has to have a “theme” to be in with a chance of being picked. If your list is picked then you get a spin at the fruity wheel!? 

And no changing the list from you guys, got to play what’s on the chosen list.. even if it is Thai flower and fishing frenzy... scotty!! 😛

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Hi so I had a thought on this for a while and with the change of auto spins going soon now might be the time, so my idea for a slot battle is the grind lol 

That’s right all the grind games so there a few less but some have bonus on the way to the top so if you where to average 2 bonus on the way to the top of the two that offer that it would make up for being 4 games short of the ten so the games them selfs being 

Monopoly megaways 

The first grind game holy diver level 3 

Little devil 

King maker 

Slotty Vegas 

And royal mint you could do points system like this 

1 point for every extra bonus on little devil and royal mint on the way to the top 

1 point extra for highest x on slotty Vegas and king maker 

Then stander points for the actual features plus  

You could throw in mins one point for lowest x on king maker and slotty Vegas as we all know just because who’s get a high x before it triggers doesn’t mean it will pay 

I figure the outlay for this might be a lot more than a standard battle so it could be done on 1 pound potential also it means none of this (I love Jamie but sorry) Jamie being able to jump on and just buy it while scotty and josh have to sit and grind but of pay back there lol Jamie having to sit and grind plus there all btg so no quick spins (I do love you Jamie sorry mate) yer so that’s my idea I thought about it for a while and how to structure plus you editor is a dab hand so could spread it out rather than having to watch like 9 little devil bonus back to back could through them in-between or something lol who know I’ll let you figure out the finer things but yer figure that’s the idea as I love the slot battles fully but the last few ( you guys entertaining as always) but the games them self just so brutal to watch best of luck hope you do it and if you win big remember I’m an xxl hoody lol 

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slot battle idea...... put letters of the alphabet into a hat and pick out 10 letters find a slot game that begins with that letter or you could pick games that have picking features such as high/low variants.. bonus each game twice and do each variant see who gets the most back?

also if the throwback thursday isnt doing great with regards to views and interaction etc why not try themed thursdays where we as viewers can vote on a theme from a selection youd think might pay or games you like to play the most. something like you did for the top ten slots of the year. 

put a vote onto the website (also brings people to the website) and the following week youll have another content video.


just a few ideas. x

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