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2-3 weeks for giveaway winnings lol

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This guy is an absolute 💦. why not just comment and bring the issue up, and not attack and try belittle them for doing GIVEAWAYS!?
I myself have won through these giveaways, and have been paid, I was impatient, it did take a few weeks(as stated) however I wouldn’t come on here commenting like that...it’s free money ffs. 
If you can’t wait to collect free money don’t sign into it...simples. 

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I've read some funny things in my time, this is up there. If your friend doesn't want the completely free £200, please ask 'your friend' to advise what charity she would like it posted to, I'm sure th

I dont see how people can complain about getting free money, i don't remember seeing a cut off date for payment when registering, if its an issue I'll happily take the winnings off their hands and wai

A friend off mine has recently won one off last months giveaways and has been told they might get the money at the earliest in 2 - 3 weeks lol..... What is the point in entering a giveaway if you have

On 2/11/2021 at 12:52 PM, Leslie4356 said:

What my point is that you ' used ' to be more on the ball with these things but I understand these things take a  few days it just always seems like it's a chore for you to give winnings to people when your making loads more than what you give away. And no me and him won't be entering anymore give aways purely for the fact it always seems like you guys try to drag it out which you shouldn't. Just mine and his opinion as to why we won't be entering anymore and paying your wages 🙂


its no chore for us. The reason why is usually takes time is nothing to do with us. its the time its takes winners to get back to us with there payment details and proof of entry.

So we dont drag things out on our end, most of the time we are waiting for winners so we can pay everyone in one batch.

No worries about not enterting anymore in the future because it takes too long to recieve prizes. Thats completely your prerogative

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19 hours ago, Flickmyslots said:

i won decembers giveaway and maybe 2-3 weeks is abit long but i can remember josh saying on stream that 1 winner some months ago was paid twice and he ran with the money so you cant blame them for wanting to pay every one at the same time so no more fuck up's are made!.... i can also tell you one thing, scotty went above and beyond with me which he had no obligation to do what so ever he was on pioint with all my queries and replied to my e-mails with in a few hours maybe 1 day max.

I think its abit unfair of you to come here and start bad mouthing the fruity lads, you could have easily of done this by e-mail.

p.s its very kind of your 'friend' to donate his winnings to charity.

Funny, no one got back to me regarding donating the money to charity. 

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Wow that was hard to read!! Someone complaining about free money 😂😂😂 I really hope that you messed up and didn’t join the casino via the link and you get nothing! People like you boil my piss! It’s free money grow up and get a life 

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can i be the person the money is donated too i dont mind waiting and i will never complain about free money...... 🙂  


Fruityslots are a really great bunch of streamers and are very open and honest its one of the reasons ive stuck around.

ive emailed a fair few times and within 1 to 2 days always had an email back. 

there very efficient in what they do and if something isnt dont it is most probably because they dont have the details of the person who needs to send them.


please remember in a world where you can be anything just be kind.

have a really fruity day 🍊

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6 hours ago, Fruityfanta said:

What you guys don't realise you have lost 6 or so people from signing up through your links and paying your wages just through your bad attitude and your lack off respect through email which I will be posting on the forum for everyone else to see  and have there option on 

not sure what bad attitude and lack of respect your talking about. If you read through this thread we explain why paying winners isn’t instantaneous.


it seems everyone is ok with the process apart from you. Wondering if your a troll actually or net genuine. 

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