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The button to double features - is it a con?


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Latest game to have this feature is wild wild riches (my current nemesis).

Me and the Mrs  both played this for small stakes (25p normal spins  and 30p with the double feature button on) to see if it made a difference.

So we took it in turns at 100 spins.


First 100 spins 

Her - 25p - wild/wild hit 6 times with 1 bonus.

Me - 30p - wild/wild hit only 2 times - no bonus (not even a gold bag)


We switched over and next 100 spins.

Her - 30p - wild/wild hit 3 times - no bonus.

Me - 25p - wild/wild hit 6 times - 2 bonuses.

Certainly won't be playing this game with the button turned on again - anyone else think it's a con or did we catch it on an off day?






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