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Please can someone explain 'denom' and 'coins' on Vegas slots to me?

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Dear Anyone.

I've watched people like NG Slots and Raja Slots online and I flat don't understand what's going on with Vegas slots. 

I know what I'm about to type is incorrect but I don't understand WHY!! So you've got a slot with 25 paylines. The denom's 1c (for argument's sake, keeping it simple, like me!) Wouldn't the total stake be 25c, 1c per line? If THAT'S true, wouldn't that also be the max. stake? So how come NG's credit's going down faster than that?

And also, those coins! I know on some machines they're marked up in $ but not on all of them.  And you get what seem to be great big numbers adding up, and NG goes 'That's not bad, 250 bucks' and the numbers adding together are FAR bigger than 250!!

On one machine which he called a 'penny slot' there was a 'max bet' of round about $40, which totally stumped me.  I mean if it's a penny a line, a $40 bet would be 4000 lines, no? Surely that would be wins all over the place, yet he kept getting what I THOUGHT would've been lines of symbols, with 4000 win lines going on, yet he didn't seem to be getting anything for them. 

Please be gentle with the answers, I'm confused enough already! It's just when this Covid thing's calmed down, I might be going to Vegas - no, I'm not rich, just wanted to see the place - and I wanted to understand what's  going on with the bandits before putting money in them and discovering I was spending far more than I thought I was going to be.  Last question.

I've seen Oriental skill-money games where you're shooting at things in a video tank, you pay for the bullets but you win for the things you shoot.  I'm GOOD at shoot-em-up or first-person shooter games, never tried out the Oriental money ones cos they don't have any anywhere I can find.  Do they have those kind in Vegas anywhere? THOSE I'd have a go on!

Yours respectfully


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