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  1. England 1- 1 Denmark No idea who our players are so I'll go with majority answer kane to score...... best of luck England 👍
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS MAN just wanted to wish you happy birthday and i hope that you have a wonderful day with your family. you deserve at the very least a green tea.... push the boat out. p.s today is ok to eat your body weight in cake 🍰 🥳
  3. oh dear i hope you can find a solution to this.
  4. MRSPJ

    Jammin jars 2

    £5 for the bonus the rest was in the base
  5. MRSPJ

    Jammin jars 2

    Grinding jammin jars 2. Got max. On 20p not too bad in the max bonus. Jammin jars 2 is a great game. The grind can take a while but im not sure if that's because I was only playing 20p but overall I really like the game. It plays very well and holds the balance well.
  6. MRSPJ

    Jammin jars 2

    Jammin jars 2 is great in the base game. Some good base hits.
  7. MRSPJ


    hi there Scotty i just wanted to wish you a massive happy birthday and i hope you have a really lovely day. 🎂
  8. thats a good win on 30p id be happy with it well done
  9. love this congrats. hope you get yourself something nice
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