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  1. love this congrats. hope you get yourself something nice
  2. well done and hope for more wins for you. you have to be in it to win it right. congrats buddy
  3. is fruity Jamie streaming today does anyone know?
  4. 3675 best of luck I do however hope it's soooo much more
  5. slot battle idea...... put letters of the alphabet into a hat and pick out 10 letters find a slot game that begins with that letter or you could pick games that have picking features such as high/low variants.. bonus each game twice and do each variant see who gets the most back? also if the throwback thursday isnt doing great with regards to views and interaction etc why not try themed thursdays where we as viewers can vote on a theme from a selection youd think might pay or games you like to play the most. something like you did for the top ten slots of the year. put a vote onto t
  6. MRSPJ

    Fire in the hole

    nice one it is a good game this was the first time i played it so was impressed and the base wins are good too.
  7. its normally up about 6ish isnt it or 9? i dont know 🙂
  8. oh thank god it wasnt just me i thought oh no what have i done to upset the fruity lot what happened.........maybe it was just uploaded and then was then getting set to premiere for later
  9. I thought this was OK for a 20p stake. First time I've played the game. 20210308_131313.mp4
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