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  1. Happy birthday Scotty! Heard you say you’re off to the races on Friday. AnY chance you’re at York races? Would love to see you 😄
  2. Has to be book of 99 for me, never played any of their other games but had a few 100x on this. Good luck all in the battle
  3. They do still stream, may have to unsub and sub again to reset, but notifications are messed anyway. If you don’t get a message, check YouTube at around 8pm each night, as that’s usually when they’re on, (8-9pm GMT) hope this helps
  4. what an absolute joke.imagine having to wait for free money. i mean how dare they do a competition, ask for verification and then try giving your friend some money... wether its £10 or £1000 or any kind of gift... if someone was giving me something for nothing, i'd be willing to wait. oh well. much love
  5. thank you, are they trust worthy with withdrawals as thats the main issue with a lot of casinos like risk. thanks again
  6. hey guys i'm looking for a new casino to play at, just wondered if videoslots.com was a decent one or if there was any complaints about it for various reasons? cheers
  7. Book of dead please, twitch name scottbj1994 if already chosen, danger high voltage please
  8. A. who you think will win the slot battle? Scotty! B. What game will pay highest X? Money train 2 C. What the highest win multiplier will be? 780
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