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  1. what an absolute joke.imagine having to wait for free money. i mean how dare they do a competition, ask for verification and then try giving your friend some money... wether its £10 or £1000 or any kind of gift... if someone was giving me something for nothing, i'd be willing to wait. oh well. much love
  2. thank you, are they trust worthy with withdrawals as thats the main issue with a lot of casinos like risk. thanks again
  3. hey guys i'm looking for a new casino to play at, just wondered if videoslots.com was a decent one or if there was any complaints about it for various reasons? cheers
  4. Book of dead please, twitch name scottbj1994 if already chosen, danger high voltage please
  5. A. who you think will win the slot battle? Scotty! B. What game will pay highest X? Money train 2 C. What the highest win multiplier will be? 780
  6. Yeah I was shocked to find that, only been playing it for 2 weeks, had the 100x coin in a 10x bonus too but I was too excited and missed the pic 😂
  7. There you go scotty, proof it’s real 😉
  8. I’ve had the same issues with different casinos, it is annoying I agree BUT it is something most casinos do. Could be because you’re new so they want to make sure it’s not a random person just finding a card and making an account etc, if you’re desperate for cash (and I’m saying this because I’ve done the same) then gambling is the wrong thing to do, can end up chasing and then putting yourself further in the red. Be careful Sam, as I say I’ve done it, it’s not good 😞 hopefuly you get this sorted though. Good luck!
  9. So I’ve been watching on twitch for a while, how do I actually get involved and start earning the points please sads?
  10. Epic! Cheers for the explanation Sadio, I’ll start watching more on twitch instead!
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