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  1. Another big win on 20p stake, still chasing the 1000x
  2. Ended up with 19 spins, 5x multiplier and wild reel 3 Β£185 on a 25p stake
  3. Gutted to go out but well done to everyone who got through and good luck. Scotty big pat on the back for your hard work tonight well done
  4. Once again thank you for the reply, and it does clear some things up for me so thanks for the detailed response.
  5. Well I already have a few times on here. I've noticed a few times when it's been asked on stream (and not just to you channel) it's been either point blank ignored or brushed aside. It just seems very odd to me that no casino streamers are willing to talk about it when it's fundamentally the main reason why they can afford to stream. Is it so secretive because everyone is on a different percentage and you don't want to give your 'rivals' an opportunity to undercut your terms? Btw I appreciate the response and despite how I might be perceived here I'm really not trying t
  6. Ok ok ok ok ok, I chose the wrong words in the thread title ... specifically murky....but it is unregulated. Now can you please move on David?
  7. Now then Scotty. Since you're obviously looking in, again, can you shed some light on the questions I've asked? Genuinely not interested in money figures, but why it is all such a big secret almost like it's a taboo subject??
  8. I'm not a troll, I'm simply asking why the whole affiliate program is ultra secretive. Considering its the backbone of the business model surely it can be talked about.
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