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  1. Yeah said something about being a private video and kicked me off, rude🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Wow, when I commented on this yesterday morning I thought you were maybe just being a bit rude, possibly your mate is skint which is understandable in these times and went about getting the money sooner in the wrong way. From all your comments since i think your bang out of order and need a reality check. To slag the boys off for doing something for the fruity community which they don't have to do is just moronic. Nobody has forced anyone to sign up or enter these giveaways. I think you need to pipe down, wait for the money to come in then probably take a break from gambling as its clearly cau
  3. I dont see how people can complain about getting free money, i don't remember seeing a cut off date for payment when registering, if its an issue I'll happily take the winnings off their hands and wait the couple of weeks to get paid out.
  4. Great chicken escape or any chicken game please #teambonno🚜🚜 Figo7787
  5. Big bass vs fishing frenzy Good luck tonight boys
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