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  1. no response.... few dayssssssss... kind says it all ... all a bit scammy innit tbf £450 is alot ..... i see use yeaaaaaaaah
  2. scotty am i not getting paid on this giveaway then no?
  3. by the way just to clarify... i'm not the friend of Leslie4356, i wouldnt mind waiting 4 months for free money but na dont know the person incase any wires r twisted, this is a separate issue.
  4. boys i signed up to casino lab in December for the giveaway that was running then... i asked josh if the jan casino lab giveaway was stiill ok to enter.. he said as long as u have an account u can enter which i did.. i won top prize but scotty said he cant pay me because i joined in dec & not the jan giveaway???? i only join these casinos because of u guys so to then be told no can do sorry feels like am wasting my time & yours. it may be a technicality but come on... i signed up cos iv'e watched use for years & use aint gonna pay for signing up 2 weeks to early. i honestly dont know what to say!
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