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  1. Is there a slot that you like Gus 🤣🤣
  2. Have you conceded too Scotty? You must be 500 spins in without free spins now!!
  3. Don't get me started on this game 🤣🤣 Well done though - you are obviously a REAL "Live Player" 🤔👍
  4. Good luck to both of us then 🤠
  5. Haha - just like the slot battles. It was my thinking too as didn't want the bro to be right 🤣 1000's of spins later I conceded ☹️
  6. Fair play for giving it a go Scotty. That's how it was playing for us. Not losing much as the coin feature keeps paying like it did for you.
  7. £7450 - think one of those will go off tonight 👍
  8. 880x isn't too shabby 👍
  9. Scotty - please give this a go on your next live - guarantee you bonus it within 5 spins 😂😂
  10. Update - brother and his mates have had a "first to bonus compo" on zoom. After 12,823 spins collectively, one of them has bonused on a 30p spin. They have recorded their session and have asked Pragmatic to looking into.
  11. That's what I thought Scotty, but can't explain how a game that usually bonuses for fun goes like this when people are telling me it would? Played it again yesterday without hitting bonus - as did a few others - can't be a coincidence surely?
  12. Yes it is Gus - if you are only interested in slots I suggest you stay out of the horse racing section as it's obviously confusing you 🤣🤣
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