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  1. Maybe my best video on fruity utube ever ! With the hands of josh the head of jamie and the legs of scotty ITS GOT IT ALL !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvSh9hIh1Eo 31:27 For the vaping head of jamie lol .
  2. Wow huge win , only 1 pick left to get for the full set, nice one.
  3. Barclays bank have got a cool new feature on there phone app that turns off any gambling payments. The good thing about it is if you want to turn gambling back on it takes 72 hours as a cool off period . Pritty good for those chase your losses moments and giving you time to reflect ect.
  4. Yeh mate you have to hit real big and be consistant with bet size, it was the base wins that kept me going though.
  5. Yep no emails was sent out but the spins are in. Got 28 quid from the 100 spins no bonus. Then went down to 30p spins and got 450 spins without a bonus. So put another £20 in and off I went again, finished 830 spins all in total NO Bonus.
  6. Check your spam folder , thats where mine went.
  7. When you say busy does that include ,golf , tennis, make up salons, snooker, bookies, and playing slots ? 😂😂
  8. Hi josh ,just an idea about pending giveaways like the money train one at the moment. Maybe have a pending giveaway section for updates ect and be some where you can post on what's happening and what people your waiting for ect ect . Noticed you only have 7 days to use these spins so missing something about it could lose you the win.
  9. I'm having a bad time on videoslots also and it's just the norm. Try any other games and do a max of 35 spins on each and search for the games that's giving a early bonus . Works for me some times when times are bad.
  10. last day was the 9th sept, so i guess its just not been locked yet. scotty pull ya finger out ;)
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