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  1. It comes eventually. Played it a fair amount recently
  2. Well chuffed. Been playing it for a while. Just want 5 scatters next 😪
  3. Thankyou, certainly did mate. I was beginning to think that it never lands.
  4. Thanks, It was all from a £1.95p weekend booster. Got it upto about £90 on 20p stake then increased it to 50p. Got a bonus and he just fell in. Couldn't have been any more happier than I am.
  5. Finally caught the big fish on big bass bonanza today. 50p stake £1000 fish. 2000x
  6. Betvictor closed my account as i refused to show them my personal info. They already have my name, address, date of birth, email, photo id, a utility bill and now they want to see full paypal details and bank statements and pay slips. Far too intrusive
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