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  1. Just saw that you guys have been nominated for Casinobeats streamer of the year. Congratulations to all three of you, thoroughly deserved!! Best of luck!
  2. Wow what an incredible hit!! Nice one
  3. Afternoon all! Another great battle on Sunday and I’m sure a lot of people would agree that the weekly slot battles are some of the best content in the whole of the casino streaming community. I couldn’t watch it live this week but caught up on it yesterday and made me think about a viewers play along? If you were to release the games that are being played on Friday say, perhaps if viewers were having a go at slots on the weekend they could try and save the same bonuses as yourselves to play along while watching and see if we could beat you? I know I certainly would but perhaps I’m just a s
  4. I really don’t understand the hate for affiliation to be honest. If you are going to deposit at a casino and go on to lose why does it matter to you if the money goes to the casino, an affiliate or mr smith from down the road? Really baffles me that seems to be hate towards affiliates for receiving whatever money from your losses, can’t see how the casino keeping 100% is so important 😂 If anything almost a benefit to having an affiliated account in that should you have any issues you’ve potentially got another contact to help resolve? Maybe I’m wrong but I’m sure if you had an issue then
  5. I’ve just seen this jacket made from puma goalie gloves, assume it’s Jamie’s latest business venture? 😂
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