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  1. Excuse the shit video, by chance picked the x1500 coin 😳 happy Sunday IMG_1740.MOV
  2. Poopdeck

    Spicy meaty balls

    Didn’t manage to catch the screen shot of the win but considering I had £2 left in the balance it went garrys! ( still not a fan of Italian food regardless)
  3. Im In, let’s av it bossman 😂
  4. £6825 , hope my guess is well off and you smash it! Good luck 🤞🏽
  5. Full reels in 2 spins! Went mental
  6. Managed to pull Off the x10 gold Multiplier the same as Scotty boy got the other day, what a game 🔥
  7. Finally a decent hit on jammin!
  8. Always went with the higher option and always get ripped! Low is the way to go!
  9. King colossus Rainbow riches pick n mix (free spins only) Dragonborn megaways Millonare megaways beauty of cleopatra
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