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  1. 12,207 EURO is my guess, good luck lads
  2. It had so much potential, if that had retriggered could have gone absolutely mental with all the muti's there were, still cant complain though
  3. Unfortunately only £176, but is on 20p stake. Did have a £180 win on 10p stake, all in all withdrew £210 over the weekend with no deposit
  4. All balance is from a free daily game and playing it up since, so pure profi
  5. £9212 my guess, show Scotty and Jamie how its done
  6. €7215 guess from me, hopefully does better than Scotty's last 2
  7. £8212 guessing £1k more than yesterday as my god it cant be as bad as the last bonus opening you did
  8. Insane win, I have started grinding it on 10p, 20p and 30p, id be super happy with even 5% of that win so imagine you were going mental
  9. Thanks all, was playing on my lunch at work, had a £30 win on doghouse megaways, withdrew and played this with the last few quid left, was explaining to a colleague that if a bonus symbol landed on the middle reel it would retrigger and give me more spins, 5 seconds later it lands and makes me very happy to say the least
  10. So I was haha did not even realise it displayed the time I had been playing, knew it dropped in fast though
  11. Decided to play DOA2 on lunchbreak at work, only ever small stakes for me but was a very good day when this hit rolled in less than 30 spins in
  12. jap1989

    1089x DOA 2

    First big win on DOA 2, playing on LuckyTap at 9p stake, good end to the weekend
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