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  1. Never had a decent bonus, but x-ways hoarder for me because of the cool music and the feeling it can always do something in the base 👍
  2. Only 20p stake but went for £384! Egg was 5x5 and 3x after 3 spins and it dropped strawberries in a couple of times 😁😁
  3. Update: just an oversight. All sorted now. Thanks guys 👍
  4. Did you get your winnings paid in pounds or dollars? I won £100 in the June giveaway and got $100 in my PayPal. That’s quite a chunk missing there - wondering if it was just me 🤷‍♂️
  5. Same. Something must have gone wrong at the fruity mail centre. Been asked for details but not got my pennies for the June draw 🤷‍♂️ Edit. Seconds after I typed this I saw a mail from Scotty. Hopefully it’s all working again 👍
  6. I just joined via the link and sent my documents (I used driving licence, debit card, credit card statement and pay slip) and have had an email saying I am fully verified within about 20 minutes. I didn’t have to try and contact them so can’t comment on the response times, but so far so good. I’ve just tried to withdraw so this is the real test….. One thing that shocked me was a fee to deposit! Standard debit card transaction and a 50p fee to deposit £20! Small fee, but simply shouldn’t be there and I won’t be making any further deposits on that site.
  7. Just a mess about on 20p and got some serious hammer action. Link to the replay if anyone wants to see the hammers doing the right thing for a change! Hammer time!
  8. First ever bonus on bounty pop. Playing 50p stake, bonus paid £52.10 and the wheel landed on 100x!
  9. Steam tower Immortal romance Sword of Khans Fat Rabbit Book of dead Good luck all 👍
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