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  1. they go 5 meters apart when i get the bonus lol...
  2. why are people complaining about free money for.......
  3. S.Lippitt

    Big win?

    wow very nice!
  4. wow!!!!! i hope you cashed it all out!
  5. wow!!!! what a great win!!!
  6. S.Lippitt

    35K SUBS

    yes i agree 100%!!! and lets hope Scotty is back tomorrow night!!!!
  7. wow what a great win on a fobt game 🙂
  8. thanks it looks like it can go and do some mega wins!!!
  9. has anyone played this game yet! its from BTG it has upto 1,000,000 different ways to win per spin id guess thats in the bonus lol! cant find it on any casinos im on....
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