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  1. on pink casinoF From a £200 deposit..I had £35 on 17 and £12 split on it. N it come back to back. I didn't have a losing spin... Just turned into £4,000
  2. https://streamlabs.com/content-hub/post/cloudbot-101-loyalty-points thats the website i found about streamlabs about points!
  3. what email do i use for twitch lol?
  4. march the 12 i put this on forum.
  5. i told you this a couple of week ago, its from streamlabs!!!! i did put a post on forum about it! but no one replied!
  6. im still waiting for my email what i spent 5,000 points on weeks ago, for my tee-shirt!
  7. yes... he wants to be the most talked about person on streaming... and he is achieving it..... he is a tool.... why would you go for UK Streamers, when UK Casinos aint going to do nothing wrong or they lose they license a quick as you can drink a cup of tea! there are plenty of NON UK streamers on twitch what are fake!
  8. but he has done what he wanted.. everyone is talking about him.....
  9. Roshstein is a great entertainer... but thats it lol!
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