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  1. Wish i knew this yesterday had a wildstorm feature could of got a pic. Got two wilds on it end reels paid nothing
  2. Ramses revenge only relax gaming game ive had a good win on
  3. Big win on jammin jars 2, thought it was another let down till last spin.
  4. Belter that mate
  5. Scrap that popped up on party casino now
  6. Anybody know where you can play jammin jars 2 cant find it on videoslots, party or leo
  7. Yer i couldnt see much potential in the bonus, coins could go off abit if you keep hitting the highlighted spaces and multiplying your win
  8. Read this then thought ill have a go, got bonus after 400 spins pid 25x but the coin bonus isnt bad that came in a few times, got 90x 95x and a 61x, prefer coins to come in rather then the bonus pays better.
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