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  1. Not the greatest win but my only thought on the game would be to take away the link and win. The game is amazing, but too many games chasing a jackpot. Replace with random features, from thor and the hammer maybe.
  2. After a lot of deliberation, and looking at how games work. My suggestion would be, that on the gamble wheel you cant lose. So either extra spins, and instead of a dead bonus. Maybe swap the cross for a max megaways spin. So you either get extra spins or a guaranteed max megaways spin. At least you know you stand a chance of winning something. Ideally you stand a chance to go straight back into a feature if you lsoe, die to max megaways. The other altenative, is to give extra spins or cash values, dependant in stake. So say betting £1, you get +3 or +5 or £10, £20, £100. I for one would be so more tempted to play the games, they are incredible designs and have huge potential. But the loss of a bonus after 2/3 hudred spins is a horrible feeling. As long as we keep it fruity, so Avatar UX, WHEN IS FRUITY POP.
  3. Multiplier oddessy, is one of my fave games, hit a monster when it came out. Hope your feeling better scotty, were all waiting for you to come back to our screens. #KeepItFruity
  4. I'm gonna guess josh, and think he will win 825x Also think people will struggle 2lto beat my x win. 1350x Best of luck to everyone.
  5. Love this game from isoftbet, so much potential with megaways spin in the bonus. Best ever slot made in my opinion.
  6. On average £2831 But I hope you do so much better.
  7. £3,914 Hope you do a lot better than this scotty. Cant wait to see the stream. Hope you do better on primal than my massive fail.
  8. Some huge wins... Wheel of fortunes, 500x base Cubes 2, 500x in free spins Pop showing potential Fire in the hole, 5 scatters Legacy top line £50 for 5p
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