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  1. What makes me laugh is their "security checks" aren't done when you deposit but as soon as you want to with draw what you win there like wow wow wow you can't withdraw until this and this and this has been done and then it take over 72 hrs to get it checked then 3-5 working days for the withdrawal to process and then they want more info from you but processing time restarts. I totally understand checks have to be done but they take the mick when doing it!
  2. Hello. Sorry for late reply , only just seen the email about getting this. Yes i did end up getting my money that I won but after 1 whole month of nagging at them every other day! I hope you get urs very soon! Let us know what happens.
  3. Hi everyone. I just want to say a few things regarding the Casoola Casino. Game play on the casino is great and website attract's you in and hardly ever has internal errors like others i have been on. However the withdrawal process and document verification stage is a shambles. on 31st May, I withdrew just under £1000 from a £20 deposit. I uploaded all my documents as requested then i received an email back stating they couldn't see my last 4 digits of my bank card (which is a lie because it was a very clear picture). and then asked for more details. I then sent them these documents
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