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    Realised couple are duped in the post and can't delete them. Sorry.
  2. ZemaUK

    Zema Memes

    Going to put all the videos in one post and new uploads will be in this post as well to keep them all in one place. reface-2020-12-28-03-56-33.mp4 reface-2020-12-28-03-56-33.mp4 reface-2020-12-02-11-28-50.mp4 reface-2020-12-02-11-28-50.mp4 reface-2021-04-14-07-47-29.mp4 reface-2021-04-14-07-43-47.mp4 reface-2021-04-14-07-42-18.mp4 reface-2021-01-04-10-20-52.mp4 reface-2021-01-04-10-19-42.mp4 reface-2021-01-04-10-21-21.mp4 reface-2021-01-02-08-07-29.mp4 reface-2020-12-27-11-08-43.mp4 reface-2020-12-27-11-07-14.mp4 reface-2020-12-27-10-57-15.mp4 reface-2020-12-03-07-30-00.mp4 reface-2020-12-03-07-28-43.mp4 reface-2020-12-03-07-27-43.mp4 reface-2020-12-02-11-27-43.mp4 reface-2020-12-02-11-15-11.mp4 reface-2020-11-04-09-48-09.mp4 reface-2020-11-04-09-46-45.mp4 reface-2020-11-04-09-49-41.mp4 reface-2020-10-17-10-22-19.mp4 reface-2020-10-20-05-46-06.mp4
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  6. This is called 'predictions' on Twitch.
  7. If you are referring to watching previous livestreams, it can take a while for them to be available to watch from when the live session ended due to processing etc.
  8. Any good win shouldn't be regretted. If you was on higher stake, might not wanted to pay out?
  9. I think the IP thing might be because of buying bonuses? Like using a VPN to pretend you're in a different country so you can buy bonuses where in UK you can't which might break rules for them I guess? 🤷
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