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  1. Sorry but every time I read the word slippers it makes me LOL 😂 anyway I found out a little bit more about how things work by going through the procedures of becoming a casino affiliate. It is what it is, make of it what you please. A lot of “popular” streamers I don’t watch because their entertainment value is bollox... Yawn 🥱 I can’t sign up via any links on fruity because I’m on GameStop but for the entertainment they provide solely with their personalities I will sub to their channel or donate a couple of ££ via superchat, maybe purchase a little merchandise but that’s all they get o
  2. And no changing the list from you guys, got to play what’s on the chosen list.. even if it is Thai flower and fishing frenzy... scotty!! 😛
  3. You could ask the viewer for a list 10 slots they would like to feature in a battle, it has to have a “theme” to be in with a chance of being picked. If your list is picked then you get a spin at the fruity wheel!?
  4. Eye of Horus megaways Donuts jammin Ankh Anubis Fishing frenzy
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