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  1. Sorry but every time I read the word slippers it makes me LOL 😂 anyway I found out a little bit more about how things work by going through the procedures of becoming a casino affiliate. It is what it is, make of it what you please. A lot of “popular” streamers I don’t watch because their entertainment value is bollox... Yawn 🥱 I can’t sign up via any links on fruity because I’m on GameStop but for the entertainment they provide solely with their personalities I will sub to their channel or donate a couple of ££ via superchat, maybe purchase a little merchandise but that’s all they get out of me. Am I jealous of what they do for a living? Hell yeah but Fair play to them.
  2. And no changing the list from you guys, got to play what’s on the chosen list.. even if it is Thai flower and fishing frenzy... scotty!! 😛
  3. You could ask the viewer for a list 10 slots they would like to feature in a battle, it has to have a “theme” to be in with a chance of being picked. If your list is picked then you get a spin at the fruity wheel!?
  4. Eye of Horus megaways Donuts jammin Ankh Anubis Fishing frenzy
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