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  1. Party casino username Hidden username to not expose emails address. Fruity slots have recorded your username securely
  2. Have you received your giveaway winnings pop12?
  3. Yeah mate I got it too cheers I’ve replied so hopefully get that sorted soon, thanks fruity lads much appreciated and well done to all of the other winners
  4. pop12 will you let me know if you receive an email mate I keep thinking I’m just not receiving emails but if you get yours then at least I know I should have mine cheers
  5. Hello scotty boy is it just an email to sort out the baked English mate? Just I’m on night shift and realise your sorting it out now so am just waiting before I go back to sleep haha
  6. Hello lads do I just wait for an email for the giveaway, I was lucky enough to win the highest x and the 2nd prize in the draw so I’ll definitely take that haha just let me know cheers.
  7. Only screenshot I took before you started this giveaway it’s at Leo and real money!
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