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  1. Thanks Josh! I just don't why they cancelled all welcome offers whilst inquiring? I was nice to live support and even kept a log of the chat. UserID: 114500615 Much Love, Alisa
  2. Hello Y'all.. I don't know if anything can be done.. Over a month ago I registered at Unibet and I thought I registered using the Fruity link and when it turned out I didn't, I contacted support. Support told me there was nothing they could do and then they cancelled any and all welcome bonuses... It really pissed me off so I didn't even bother contacting anyone from FruitySlots and decided to scrap Unibet all together. FeelsBadMan, Alisa
  3. BEAUTIFUL Puppy! I used to raise Great Danes... Just Lost my last Dane BANTHA BEOWULF a few years back and haven't the heart to get another one yet. I even brought Bantha over from Texas.. He LOVED Scotland! To be fair he was 9 and half which is amazing lifespan for a DANE Loves and HUGS
  4. I LOVE KINGLOKI better than SlotProfessor! I Love my Norse Mythology.. My new Favourite band is a Norse Viking band called HEILUNG.. Just saw them in London and Glasgow this past weekend.. My Axolotl is called Floki hahahaaa End of November is good for me too! Loves and HUGS
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