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  1. my favourite is Temple Tumble, the only game i never lost on, had huge wins like 800x, 2000x
  2. 3 hours in, I was placed 14th, but 15 minutes later...sadly,out. Lost 1st hand with KK, K on flop, the opponent hit flush on river, I lost half stack. Than I lost a stupid hand, I was 100% that the opponent is bluffing me, I calld all-in with A9, but he shoved JJ....dream over. I can only say that there are a lot, A LOT of idiot players, kinda rich idiots who just want to participate, very very easy big stakes tournament. Honestly, it is a lot harder to play £5 to $20 tournaments, where I can tell, players are a lot better. I am so sad, I lost the chance of my life to win big big money, in such an easy tournament.
  3. Thanks guys, I do appreciate it. Less than four hours left till the tournament starts, I feel so much better now, strong and positive. I see myself finishing in money, no doubt about it.
  4. Hi guys, yesterday night I won a fabulous satellite, a seat for the Stadium Serious Freezout Weekly Final, $1,5 million prize pool. In order to get this seat, I played a couple of satellites, very easy in my opinion, but now that i got in the final tournament I realize that I don't have balls to play it, I'm shaking, I am nervous, I can't explain why.... It is the 1st time I get a seat in such a huge prize pool tournament, and suddenly I feel like I forgot to play poker, I am feeling so small, I just can't explain....I'm lost...I feel like I'm a sheep surrounded by wolves...I couldn't sleep all night....I just......I don't know.....will see on Sunday.
  5. jammin jars please, if you feel it only
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