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  1. Dear Jamie and the others. It's just - and I'm not wanting any money out of this - why not get people to send you money to bonus buy for them, as you can do it and they can't? They send you money via PayPal. You buy the bonus with it. They get any profit. You get ten percent or similar. You make money regardless - from the original bonus buy money, it must include your ten percent, they'll do it because you're offering a service they can't get any other way. They'll get any profit, via PayPal again so it won't incur you any costs. You can E_mail money to people via PayPal so it won't cost
  2. Dear Anyone. I've watched people like NG Slots and Raja Slots online and I flat don't understand what's going on with Vegas slots. I know what I'm about to type is incorrect but I don't understand WHY!! So you've got a slot with 25 paylines. The denom's 1c (for argument's sake, keeping it simple, like me!) Wouldn't the total stake be 25c, 1c per line? If THAT'S true, wouldn't that also be the max. stake? So how come NG's credit's going down faster than that? And also, those coins! I know on some machines they're marked up in $ but not on all of them. And you get what seem to be
  3. Dear Jamie. 2 crazy dreams for you. Love to know what you think. I've got a world I go to when I dream. It's a word I'm sure I've come from, somehow, not in this life but in another one. It's got its own spaceport, I've been there, it's got 2 moons but it's NOT Mars because it's a truly massive planet, far bigger than Jupiter. Of course it's got cities and railways, scrapyards with tech. leftovers from many worlds in them, people try making inventions from the leftover bits and sometimes they work.... In the dream, I was on a cruise ship. They were having a theme afternoon, '
  4. OK, first of all I'm godawful with names and faces and keeping them linked because I'm autistic so sorry if I've got the wrong guy. Was watching the YouTube replay of the bonus hunt for Sunday and you - if it was you and not the other guy - got a bonus on Flowers and didn't understand why. I happened to be watching that bit and it did what I think ALL slots should do - it counted a wild as a bonus. Strangely it counted the FIRST wild, think it was on Reel 3, as a bonus, not the one on the end reel, maybe they have to be on consecutive reels, I don't know Flowers much as a game. But two bo
  5. Because if you add all the numbers together, you get 666!!! Just seeing if I can post anything yet.... In friendship, Chris.
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