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  1. 350x tumble?? Just beautiful!! Great hit mate. I really never thought this game could do that-just shows you even the crappiest ones can pay out when they want to!
  2. wow-a grand for 20p-you love to see it-great hit mate!
  3. nice hit-those sisters of oz witches are pretty hot!
  4. crooks-the lot of them
  5. I hate when such games are described as being "volatile". More often than not "volatile" just means 90% of the bonuses will be terrible and once in a blue moon, some lucky individual will get an insane win
  6. it's getting just stupid now
  7. John-I love all the good slots-just hate the crappy ones.
  8. anything except eye of Horus please
  9. wow-great win pal!! Who would have thought this pathetic slot could pay that??
  10. fruity fuck up??
  11. that really is one in a billion on this God-awful slot!
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