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  1. the elusive triple 6-thought it would pay more actually
  2. i never have the sound on when I play so sounds and music are irrelevant to me. Of course a gettable bonus and one that has potential to pay big are essentials but i also like when they make an effort in the base game-mystery bonuses, surprise features etc. Some games are such a grind in the base game and all you are doing is praying for the bonus-yes I'm looking at you Rick and Morty!
  3. Can someone tell me please if this slot EVER bonuses??Been playing it for over a week now and not one bonus-must be a bloody good one if it ever does come!!
  4. gusyonok

    Wild Swarm

    no-tat's what scotty and the boys always do and they usually pop the hive around 10-30 bees. You're just being very very unlucky-hope it pops soon and pays 100x +!
  5. tried again and after quite a few spins, hit bonus on £4. Paid 9x! I mean, really, does anyone win on this slot??
  6. Last night 851X on Reactoonz. £3 stake £2555 payout!! Not in the league of the £20K Fruity boys of course but as Scotty might say-I'll take it! I'm not a huge player so was delighted it hit on £3 stake, which is pretty high for me. Gaga came out to play and hit 15 pinks! Well pleased!
  7. played this game for ages tryiing to get bonus-know it's difficult to bonus so expected it to pay huge. Finally got it and paid 30K!! Definitely not living up to the hype this one
  8. this is a very interesting question because intuitively we do think that slots have a memory-for example if we hit a big win on one slot, we are unlikely to play it much more for a while. Similarly we can feel a slot "owes" us and keep playing if we've lost a lot. Good example was Scotty the other day on Goonies. Scotty had lost a lot on it over a few days then it paid massive
  9. I know scotty and josh love this game-and they have a lot of success on it, but is it just me who can't get it to pay at all?? It's a lovely slot to play and the look and sounds are excellent but every time I bonus-and II'e had a few-it's awful. 6x, 10x, 20 x if it's being generous, and you can struggle to get decent wins in the base game so your balance can rip very quickly. Thoughts? Is it just me being unlucky?
  10. gusyonok

    slot syndicate

    thanks for taking the time to reply-kind of thought there might be problems but as it's done in racing thought it might be doable. Pity but understand
  11. gusyonok

    slot syndicate

    Hi guys-just wanted to say I love watching the streams with the big wins and the bant! Wanted to float an idea-how about a slot syndicate? It would be great for the viewers to get even more involved in the streaming action so how about when you win, we win? A syndicate could be set up by you and the boys, and we watchers could build up the pot via paypal for example. This syndicate money would then be used for the slotting on one evening, or even part of it (an hour, 2 whatever). The deal would be whatever winnings you got would be split pro rata among the syndicate members. Of course to make it worthwhile for you guys, you could buy some of the pot and/or take a fixed percentage of the stake. What do you reckon? Think it would be popular and would really add to the fruity action. Thanks-and keep up the great work!
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