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  1. once again the Masters shows itself to be the most predictable of all the Majors. Of those who finished top 20 last year, Reed, Simpson, Connors, Matsuyama, Leishman, Schauffele, and Rahm did so again. Rose who led for the first 2 days and Matsuyama who won both have great Augusta records. Great news for backers! So how did my bets pan out? Dustin Johnson £50e/w at 8/1. Never really got going and somehow managed to finish badly enough on day 2 to miss the cut-putted poorly which you can't do at Augusta and a big disappointment LOST. (-£100) Justin Thomas. £40e/w at 9/1 Had just gon
  2. casinos are making it more and more difficult for players-wont be any left soon in UK
  3. I'd drop dead if I got 100x on jamming!
  4. Simon is right-the guy is a tool-ignore him and he'll get bored
  5. that is absolutely amazing-I still haven't had a bonus pay more than 20x on this game!
  6. surely the stake makes no difference to whether you win or not?? That wouldn't be fair, would it?
  7. great hit-this game never pays a thing for me either but nice to see some getting a decent win!
  8. I really don't understand the trouble some of these people go to. I was watching one video the other day where the "anti" was going through a Roshstein video frame by frame trying to prove that he was on demo, not playing real money. It was comical really. The point is, if you don't like streamers such as Roshstein, Classy Beef, Chip, Hideous, Fruity or anybody, don't watch them!! It's pretty simple. Why the constant need to bash them and accuse them of this that and the other, I really don't know. These people have a huge chip (no pun intended) on their shoulder. and too much time on their ha
  9. Masters starts tomorrow so last update before the off. Rahm has become a dad so can relax and must go well. Spieth won again and even though he is still driving wildly, he loves Augusta and his short game is something else. I still don't want McIlroy as his game is too up and down, and the hard and fast course won't suit him. DJ has done nothing lately but he's so laid back that nothing fazes him and he can easily bounce back so would hate to leave him out. I'm going to place my best at Sky as they have a massive 11 (ELEVEN) places. So here are my outright bets-all each way of course: DJ
  10. a winner is never a crappy price!
  11. isn't that 6800x?? Bloody hell
  12. this game seems to give some insane hits
  13. good call ben-hope you had a nice win!
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