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  1. Keep forgetting about this. I'm doing garbage.
  2. The Forehead is suffering from Dannyingsitis.
  3. First off I had Fury winning by 2 points but playing devils advocate here, I don't think the overall outcome was that mad. The knock downs meant that Fury only needed to win 3 of the other 10 rounds to get the draw and while I had Fury up, there were a few nothing rounds where a judge could have scored them to Wilder purely on aggression. That said, the Mexican's card was a fucking joke. I fancied Wilder to win, not because I thought he'd out box Fury (Wilder's technically garbage) but I couldn't see Fury not getting clipped and didn't think he'd be able to take the power. Still can't figure out how he got up in the 12th - it was like something out of WWF with the Undertaker.
  4. Ditch Josh and go it alone Jamie, he's holding you back.
  5. Not my biggest win but my most memorable. 21 year old me on my first trip to Vegas, found myself a roulette table near the sportsbook so I could watch the euro 2008 final and get free drinks. Spain win the euros and I won £250 odd from a sweepstake so decide to put all my chips (a grand total of $102) on 35 and it lands. I screamed like Shaun when the Orrs had their queen of riches win.
  6. 4 scatter flame busters bonus, made it to level 3 and it paid a total of..........£0. Not playing that fucker again.
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