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  1. The jars still do the social distancing with me😞 that’s a cracking hit congrats
  2. Great catch mate! well done 🐟
  3. Hey, I want to do a bonus hunt, and try collect say 100. how long would they last..I mean for example I get 20 one day and so on, would they all still be there after a week? Or does different providers hold them for so long, or the casino itself?
  4. This guy is an absolute ✊💦. why not just comment and bring the issue up, and not attack and try belittle them for doing GIVEAWAYS!? I myself have won through these giveaways, and have been paid, I was impatient, it did take a few weeks(as stated) however I wouldn’t come on here commenting like that...it’s free money ffs. If you can’t wait to collect free money don’t sign into it...simples.
  5. Party casino username is. Hidden username to not exposse emails address. Fruity slots have recorded your username securely
  6. I already have mate a few times, had emailed back and forth, showed pic of deposit on 21.com and u had asked for PayPal details which were sent twice a few weeks ago.
  7. I’m the same mate, and still waiting 😔
  8. Nile took me about 12 days to get my withdrawal out.
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