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  1. Greta win but how to you stop blood rushing to your head when playing upside down
  2. But what has it cost in getting this amount
  3. Maybe get Alex Jones on the podcast talk about the casino conspiracies and maybe Eddie bravo to
  4. Also to add I'm sure on nickslots website he has a good run down on how the programme works
  5. U need to realise they make money on others losing and not gaining this is more why it's looked at thsi way it is I'm sure you can understand that. Me personally wouldn't want to discuss the fact some guys probably just lost his marriage 3 kids and Toyota hybrid but I've just gained a few k in my pocket.And how can it be regulated or how would u want to see it regulated? It's impossible it's just another form of affiliation so there for its kinda impossible. What's next regulating football teams that promote William Hill betfred on there shirts and websites that people sign up threw? So many more out there that make money this way just seems streamers get the raw end of the deal. The regulations should be in place to stop streamers who use websites that let them stream with fake money whilst in there affiliate programme and we all know there's loads out there
  6. Yea it can be but surely murky unregulated comes off abit wrong when u want to find out how a business model works
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