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  1. ScouseSi

    TIP !!!

    I will post my night bet just in case, theses are MY picks.
  2. ScouseSi

    TIP !!!

    Fyfannnnnnnnn 🤣🙄
  3. ScouseSi

    TIP !!!

    I should of put my own picks on here too 🤣🤣 waiting on that horse for 800 knicker
  4. ScouseSi

    TIP !!!

    Haha scotty i told you on stream sunday you may of missed your chance got 3/4 sunday before last lol. Good luck pal, ive had fare few winners from this source too so hopefully it wins 😎
  5. ScouseSi

    TIP !!!

    Busy at work so cant jump onto a stream if theres one currently on, not my pick this horse this is a tip from a supplier at work who has passed the word on. Murat Asset 345 ligfield, i got on at 13/2 few hours ago, can grab 11/2 still in places. Good luck anyone who has a punt 😎
  6. Its been a while 😎 i thought this thread had been removed by one of the guys. todyas racing is a minefield but thats how i like it, value everywhere! big fields & healthy healthy prices even if you pick a favourite if thats how you punt. Southwell: 205 St Lawrence Gap 9/2 240 hatcher 4/1 450 sense of adventure 6/1 520 can you believe it 9/2 (NAP) York: 230 Copper Knoght 7/1 (NAP) 305 Breathtaking Look 6/1 335 Star Shield 7/1 410 Arbalet 6/1 Newbury: 325 Pablo Escobarr 13/2 400 Themaxwecan 9/2 (NAP)
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