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  1. Some off my best wins have come from genie
  2. What you guys don't realise you have lost 6 or so people from signing up through your links and paying your wages just through your bad attitude and your lack off respect through email which I will be posting on the forum for everyone else to see and have there option on
  3. I'm not sure why you keep saying about your waiting emails he has sent you numerous emails saying what charity he wants his winnings sent to ' gambling with lives ' but you have not responded
  4. Drinks on you haha nice win though
  5. Sorry to jump on the post but does anyone know when last month's giveaway winners will be paid ?
  6. I think everyone's getting fair to triggered by someone's opinion on the giveaways 😂 Would you rather people didn't give feedback ?
  7. Hi guys I have to admit the whole process is a bit long winded and I've won a few different give aways with other streamers and fruity slots do take a while compared to others, But it is free
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