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  1. 100 sign ups = 5k as it’s mostly £50 per sign up and they giveaway between £500-£1k of it so a £4K profit say every few months plus the revenue share so it’s big money and I don’t honestly agree with affliation hence why I don’t watch many streamers any more
  2. I got a notification for twitch yesterday I think but was going to work and il unsub on YouTube then sun again as all the settings are ok on it
  3. I closed down my Facebook last year and just thought scotty used to stream a few days a week b4 and either I’m missing them or it ain’t happening and I’m 2 lazy for Sunday mornings 😂😂
  4. Am I missing somthing with your streams? Iv only had 1 notification in the last week and you guys used to stream like every 2nd day, but tbh with you since you stopped on twitch I don’t really watch you as much but don’t mind catching a stream during the week
  5. Wow nice hit and I used to love that slot but never had a win that big
  6. I use my female pals account to play is this still fine? And also I didn’t use any links to signup
  7. I did like that Valletta.What times the stream? And fuck me I hope you got a pay rise for writing all them out 😂😵
  8. What times the stream? And fuck me I hope you got a pay rise for writing all them out 😂😵
  9. Wow that’s nice and it takes me right back to William hills as I was allways playing that slot there
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