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  1. £2,515 I’ll have a fruity hoody please.
  2. Am I getting annoying yet 😘 Great if you can hold the last night of black jack so I can max out my entries in to the draw.
  3. I dream of a hit like that. Still not lost my 1000x cherry yet, let alone 10000x!
  4. I seem to bonus much more often on smaller stakes.
  5. He’s just been on the live chat with Scotty. Scotty handled him very well.
  6. This game always disappoints me. Never get any slow rolls so hardly play it anymore.
  7. You’d never get that on £1 or above spins
  8. Was ‘AffiliatesRFake’, but looks like the channel has been taken down
  9. Great win - I’m still waiting for my first 1000x.
  10. There’s a new channel on youtube calling out chipmonkz , roshtein and hideous for being fakers. only been active the last week or so. Anyone seen it?
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