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  1. Temple Tumble Megaways I expect to be working during the stream, but usually watch them back, so if I'm picked and don't win the round, you should definitely #DO ME. Page 16 - what were the odds? Fucking send it!
  2. Hallo, Scotty! I've not been able to watch live last few streams (work picking up finally here in US), but I just saw that glorious block of stingy bastards land on your tenner swarm. Epic! Happy for you, congratulations! If you could see your way clear to winning a slot battle before next winter, that would be nice. Keep up the great work. Love all the Fruity content, especially when you get together. Cheers, Think I'm MIGUY1234 on this forum... erstwhile youtooba on twitch, stuck with my government name on YouTube BTW: Maybe try a home-and-home with Hideous so
  3. I'm in, I hope. You're looking for #40, right? Can't always watch live, -5 hours here in US. Love the content, though. Don't ask chat to skip me, fucking send it!
  4. In. #2. Fun content, Scotty. Looking forward to the month finals. How is Kelvin not in here earlier?
  5. Get in, Scotty! Pick me for the bants.
  6. 39. Final answer Can you imagine? The video would need be an hour long and get fewer views than Racheal has kids. Yet, still there'd be the customary 2 downvotes in the first minute it's up. I hope it's more like the 5 you're hinting at. Always good content from the Fruity crew.
  7. that Fox egg game with the falling eggs vs that Fox footie game with the golden balls
  8. 1 Scotty 2 Joshy Boi 3 Jamie Always fun content, thanks!
  9. Sinead 392.00 Can't really look at the games anyone chose without a ton of research. So, I've no clue what game I just blindly picked to go 78x. Only sure thing is Kelvin won't leave round 2 on his feet.🙃
  10. Euros III Tourny picks 1 Starz Megaways 2 Eastern Emeralds 3 Sausage Party 4 Napoleon F. Primal Alternate (for any unavailable slot): Steam Tower
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