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  1. Bit of money train 2. You're due a big win on it!
  2. Money train 2 Jamie lad. We had Chaos Crew clean up last week, can we get the same on this?
  3. Yes Scotty lad! Chaos Crew please, and if it's been done twice then your choice :)
  4. Not sure how feasible an idea this would be, but they could do where if you get a 50x+ win you can get a chance to gamble it for the bonus and for every 10x after it goes up 10%. So for example If you get 50x it gives 50% chance on the gamble to get free spins, 60x gives 60%. It would possibly be a way of getting around the whole bonus buy system, but would cost the price of a regular spin.
  5. Big lover of Iron Bank and Snake Arena. Will be interesting to see how Money Cart goes.
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