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  1. I prefer the Goonies Return, the keys are more frequent and pay way more than the original, and it seems to bonus easier for me! First day playing I got into One eyed Willie's treasure from the booby trap bonus... paid £60 on a 20p stake... was really impressed x
  2. Crypt of the Dead please Jamie! Great to see you back 🥰😘 xx
  3. Crypt of the dead please Scotty! Looking forward to it! 🥳❤ xx
  4. Good luck guys! I'll go with €8132.90 xx
  5. Long may it last 😂🙌
  6. On the heart stopper build this little beauty dropped in!
  7. Breaking the slots this week... Full screen aces! Boom!!
  8. I have already posted the screen shot of the win but I finally figured out how to post the video! Advise you to watch it on mute 😂🤐🙌 Annette xx 20210714_010225_003.mp4
  9. I can send to your email if you send me the address... I still watch it every day lol mind blown 😂
  10. Hahaha swear I couldn't sleep last night! Still shaking! Jammin completed 😂
  11. Sent the video to your email... enjoy x
  12. 20p stake ... 18900 x
  13. Congratulations! But omg how! I've had a zillion bonuses and probably the same heart stoppers and it NEVER pays! Game just hates me lol! Amazing hit!
  14. 2nd big bonus for me this week! Heres to my 3rd 🤞🤞
  15. Oink oink!! Free spins, full screen x4!
  16. Definitely agree... all my 1000x plus wins were on low stakes... saying that the biggest stake I play is a quid if I'm up a bit. I usually play 10p/20p/50p
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