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  1. Good luck guys! I'll go with €8132.90 xx
  2. Long may it last 😂🙌
  3. On the heart stopper build this little beauty dropped in!
  4. Breaking the slots this week... Full screen aces! Boom!!
  5. I have already posted the screen shot of the win but I finally figured out how to post the video! Advise you to watch it on mute 😂🤐🙌 Annette xx 20210714_010225_003.mp4
  6. I can send to your email if you send me the address... I still watch it every day lol mind blown 😂
  7. Hahaha swear I couldn't sleep last night! Still shaking! Jammin completed 😂
  8. Sent the video to your email... enjoy x
  9. 20p stake ... 18900 x
  10. Congratulations! But omg how! I've had a zillion bonuses and probably the same heart stoppers and it NEVER pays! Game just hates me lol! Amazing hit!
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